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Settings you can deploy with Intune to protect managed

(2 days ago) On Windows 10 or Windows 11 devices, configure endpoint protection settings to enable Microsoft Defender features, including Application Guard, Firewall, SmartScreen, encryption and BitLocker, Exploit Guard, Application Control, Security Center, and security on local devices in Microsoft Intune.


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How to deploy Windows Defender Application Guard with Intune

(7 days ago) Go to the Intune blade of https://portal.azure.com. Click Device configuration – Profiles – Create profile. Name : Windows 10 – Endpoint Protection WDAG. Select Windows 10 and later. Select Endpoint protection. Select Configure. Select Windows Defender Application Guard. Select Enable. Select Clipboard behavior – “Allow copy and paste


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Application Guard set up using Intune

(4 days ago) Hello, In Intune portal, you can go to Microsoft Intune > Device configuration - Profiles > Create profile > Endpoint protection > Windows Defender Application Guard, there you can configure the settings for Application Guard.Please refer here for more details.. By the way, Application Guard CSP can provide more settings than the default profile. Best regards,


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Unable to deploy Windows Defender Application Guard …

(Just Now) Trying to deploy Windows Defender Application Guard via Intune and running into the same issue on multiple Windows 10 Enterprise (1803) devices. After the device syncs with Intune, I restart the devices. Application Guard is enabled, but the settings defined in the Intune policy are not applied and result in the errors in the screenshot.


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Keep it Simple with Intune – #14 Enabling Credential …

(7 days ago) In this blog post, part 14 of the Keep it Simple with Intune series, I will show you how you can enable Credential Guard on you Windows 10 Intune managed devices. Credential Guard, introduced with Windows 10, uses virtualization-based security to isolate secrets so that only privileged system software can access them. Credential Guard protects…


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Application Guard for Office 365 for admins - Office 365

(3 days ago) Deploy Application Guard for Office Enable Application Guard for Office. Download and install Windows 10 cumulative monthly security updates KB4571756. Select Microsoft Defender Application Guard under Windows Features and select OK. Enabling the Application Guard feature will prompt a system reboot. You can choose to reboot now or after step 3.


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Enable hardware-based isolation for Microsoft Edge

(5 days ago) In the Select a category to configure settings section, choose Microsoft Defender Application Guard. In the Application Guard list, choose Enabled for Edge. Choose your preferences for Clipboard behavior, External content, and the remaining settings. Choose OK, and then choose OK again. Review your settings, and then choose Create.


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Application Guard : Intune

(6 days ago) My understanding is that you can use the Dell Cloud Repository Manager to specify what drivers/BIOS updates you want and it spits out an XML. This XML would then need to be delivered to the device via Intune and consumed by Dell Command. You would need to update this XML and repeat the process every month or every quarter whenever you pick new


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Microsoft Defender Application Guard (Windows 10 or

(6 days ago) Application Guard opens untrusted files in an isolated Hyper-V-enabled container. The isolated Hyper-V container is separate from the host operating system. This container isolation means that if the untrusted site or file turns out to be malicious, the host device is protected, and the attacker can't get to your enterprise data.


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Getting started with Microsoft Defender Application Guard

(5 days ago) Important: Application Guard for Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise requires a Microsoft 365 E5 license or a Microsoft 365 E5 Security license. Configuration of Microsoft Defender Application Guard with Microsoft Intune. The configuration of Application Guard can actually be performed by using different profiles.


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Manage Application Guard policies - Configuration Manager

(4 days ago) For more information about the Application Guard policies, see Configure Microsoft Defender Application Guard policy settings. Allow users to trust files that open in Windows Defender Application Guard - Enable the user to mark files as trusted. When a file is trusted, it opens on the host rather than in Application Guard.


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Microsoft Defender Application Guard profile with error

(6 days ago) Via Intune we have created a profile that installs Microsoft Defender Application Guard on the workstations and also makes a number of settings. Installing MDAG is no problem, but the settings "Clipboard behavior", "Clipboard content" and "Retain user-generated browser data" gives errors for all workstations-2016281112 (Remediation failed).


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FAQ - Microsoft Defender Application Guard (Windows 10

(1 days ago) WDAGUtilityAccount is part of Application Guard, beginning with Windows 10, version 1709 (Fall Creators Update). It remains disabled by default, unless Application Guard is enabled on your device. WDAGUtilityAccount is used to sign in to the Application Guard container as a standard user with a random password. It is NOT a malicious account.


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Getting Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) working

(1 days ago) Once I had solved my recent Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) problems:Resolving Windows Defender Application Guard IssuesI now wanted to get it working in a manner that suited me. That meant that I wanted Microsoft Edge to work normally for things like Microsoft 365, Azure and other Microsoft sites but to automatically open Edge with…


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How to Enable Windows Defender Application Guard for

(1 days ago) To enable “data persistence” and let Application Guard save your favorites, browser history, and cookies, double-click the “Allow data persistence for Windows Defender Application Guard” setting here, select “Enabled,” and click “OK.” Application Guard won’t erase its data after you sign out of your PC.


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Application Guard for Office - support.microsoft.com

(7 days ago) Enable Application Guard for Outlook attachments - Attachments in email are another common source of malicious files. Excel has two additional settings: Always open untrusted Text-Based files (.csv, .dif and .sylk) in Application Guard - If enabled, text-based files opened from an untrusted location are always opened in Application Guard. If


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