14 Useful Apps to Install on Your New Phone

7) Microsoft Word. Image: Screenshot. Advertisement. Alright granddad—installing Word might feel like a step back in time but Microsoft’s mobile apps

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You Can Now Try Out Android Apps in Windows 11

(7 days ago) Android apps will offer push notifications in the Action Center, similar to how the Your Phone app, which syncs between your Android phone and PC, collects alerts alongside Windows apps

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The 9 Best Travel Apps for Exploring Cities

(4 days ago) Here are 9 of our favorite apps for discovering new places in unfamiliar surroundings, beyond what the more well-known travel guides have to offer. Advertisement 1) Spotted By Locals

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11 Free Apps for Fixing Annoying Problems on Windows …

(6 days ago) 8) Tweak firewall protection: Murus Lite (macOS) macOS includes a very competent firewall but if you’re having problems getting certain apps or …

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The Best Apps and Browser Extensions to Supercharge …

(6 days ago) Admittedly you maybe don’t want to clutter up your phone with too many of these dedicated apps, but for the stores you use most frequently, they’re worth installing.

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The Best Project Management Apps to Get Your Life in …

(6 days ago) Project management apps help teams collaborate more effectively and hit their deadlines, but you can use the same apps to put some order into your life. Here are the management tools worth

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The Best IM Apps

(4 days ago) It's one of my favorite IM apps on the iPhone and my go to IM app for the iPad. Imo supports all the IM protocols that a normal person would use …

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How to Find Out Which Apps and Websites You're Most

(6 days ago) The one major caveat is that most of these apps require you to give that usage data over to the app maker—including the ones made by Apple and Google.

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You Told Your Apps To Stop Tracking You, but They …

(5 days ago) You Told Your Apps To Stop Tracking You, but They Didn't Listen Research shows shady app developers are still grabbing your data without your …

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Even Google Thinks Sideloading Apps on Android Is …

(6 days ago) Even Google Thinks Sideloading Apps on Android Is a Horrible Experience Google reportedly tried to convince Epic to keep Fortnite in the Google Play store by outlining how bad sideloading apps sucks.

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Ten iMessage Apps Actually Worth Installing

(4 days ago) Last year, Apple launched mini apps for iMessage in a bid to liven up its default messaging app and fend off competition from third-party alternatives—but are any of …

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The 5 Best Authenticator Apps for Protecting Your Accounts

(6 days ago) Authy. Authy really is the gold standard as far as authenticator apps goes—it works with a host of different accounts and comes packed with just about every feature you can think of for an app

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10 of the Best Android Apps

(5 days ago) O'Reilly makes some of the best tech books around, so we were super excited to hear about their new title Best Android Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders. Here are …

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The Best Wifi Analyzer Apps to Troubleshoot Your Network

(6 days ago) It’s most useful on iPhones, where more advanced scanning apps aren’t available, but there’s an Android version, too. WiFi Monitor (freemium, Android) Screenshot: Gizmodo.

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Simplify Your Life With the Best Minimal Apps for Your Phone

(6 days ago) nPlayer Plus ( iOS, $9) Screenshot: nPlayer. Advertisement. It can be tempting for video apps to try and stuff as many features as possible into the interface, but although nPlayer Plus has a …

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17 New Features Your Favorite Apps Added While You Weren't

(6 days ago) 2) Uber will now check if you’re okay after a crash. The Uber mobile apps are now using your phone’s sensors to pick up potential crashes, and if it thinks you might have been involved in an

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How To Get All Your Fitness Tracking Data in One Place

(5 days ago) Buy for $449 at Amazon. Image: Screenshot. There are a decent number of apps that work with Fit: Strava, Sleep As Android, and Runtastic, for example, so if you use these apps

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The Best Barcode Scanner Apps

(7 days ago) A quick, relatively accurate barcode scanner from the company that provides the basic scanning functionality for many other apps on this list, including Amazon's, eBay's and FoodScanner's.

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7 Great Android Apps You Can't Get on the Kindle Fire

(Just Now) It is possible to sideload apps on to the Fire, but doing so is a royal pain in the ass. And yes, it's possible to root the Fire and have it run a custom version of Android, but most people can't

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Windows 11 Will Run Google’s New Android App Bundles [Updated]

(6 days ago) Existing apps are exempt, though it’s worth noting that plenty of major apps have already made the switch because of the veritable drop in file size. The Android App Bundle essentially splits up

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The Best Apple Watch Apps You Need to Install ASAP

(5 days ago) 1. Spark. Screenshot: Spark. One of the most important reasons for any Apple Watch app to exist is enabling you to accomplish tasks without needing to …

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Google Is Once Again Slashing Fees For Play Store Apps

(4 days ago) Back in March, Google announced plans to reduce its cut from Play Store proceeds on most apps from 30% down to 15% effective July 1. Google’s only real competitor in …

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The Best Apps for Spending Less Time on Your Phone

(1 days ago) Flipd. Screenshot: Gizmodo. Flipd for Android and iOS is both a distraction blocker and a wellness enhancer, with a variety of different components: You can lock away apps

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Roku Is Losing YouTube As War With Google Rages On

(1 days ago) Roku Is Losing YouTube As War With Google Rages On As a December deadline for a renegotiated deal draws near, both the YouTube and YouTube TV apps

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Apple's App Store Is Due a Reckoning

(6 days ago) The long-standing controversy over the so-called “Apple tax” the company imposes on apps in its App store has resurfaced in a new standoff with …

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How to Use the New Google TV App

(3 days ago) The Google TV app wants to put all your viewing in one place. Image: Google If you own an Android phone, you might have recently seen the Google Play Movies & TV app

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Small But Powerful: 30 Useful PC Apps Under 2MB

(4 days ago) That's why we've put together a list of 30 apps that kick ass without taking up a lot of space. Every program in this list can be downloaded for free, and takes up …

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Delete Most of Your Apps Right Now

(5 days ago) Delete Most of Your Apps. The arrival of iOS 14 last year came with a new feature that, at first glance, seems handy but is actually a symptom of a deeper sickness: We all have far too many apps

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The Best Mobile Apps for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

(5 days ago) Screenshot: Gizmodo. On the whole, the apps make good use of the available space on a mobile screen. When it comes to formatting text, for example, your options are stacked on top of …

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Apple Will Require Apps to Make It Easy to Delete Your Account

(5 days ago) Deleting a third-party app on your Apple device isn’t exactly rocket science—in fact, it’s as easy as clicking a button. But just because you delete the app doesn’t mean that the account

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How to Ditch Your Phone and Use Instagram on the Web Instead

(6 days ago) This is all more or less exactly what you’ll get inside the Instagram apps for Android and iOS, right down to the little three-dot button to the top right of each post that lets you report posts

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These Are the Free Windows and macOS Apps You Should Be Using

(6 days ago) GarageBand. Screenshot: Gizmodo. Advertisement. One of the most comprehensive apps you get for free with macOS, GarageBand is suitable for anyone making audio for any purpose, from beginners to

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The Six Best Apps for Getting Shit Done

(7 days ago) A client app to the hugely popular online calendar service, Toodledo. Other paid iPhone apps can sync with Toodledo, but the official app appeals to the utilitarians in us—it's cut-down, clean

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Your Favorite Music App Has Higher Quality Audio Than You

(6 days ago) In Deezer’s mobile apps, to adjust streaming and download quality over cellular networks and Wi-Fi, tap My Music, then Settings, Audio settings and Custom (or choose one of the preset

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How to Make Your iPhone Play Nice With Your Windows PC

(5 days ago) Between Apple’s programs on Windows, Microsoft’s support for iCloud in its apps, and universal apps, you should be able to get most things working …

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Apple Bans All Vaping Apps From the Apple App Store

(Just Now) A number of prominent vape companies have apps that were previously available in the Apple App Store. Cannabis vape-maker Pax, for example, has an …

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The Most Useful Apple Watch Apps

(3 days ago) Despite a few high-profile disappearances, plenty of iOS apps have companion apps for the Apple Watch—but only some of them bring genuinely useful …

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Samsung App Store For All Your (Samsung) Gadgets

(4 days ago) Samsung's been in the app game for a while, but now they're setting up a store to give apps to all of your Sammy devices: TVs, phones, Blu-ray …

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11 Expensive Apps That Might Actually Be Worth It

(Just Now) All smartphone apps fall into two categories: paid and unpaid. For many, free apps satisfy all our needs, even if they fill our lives with a bunch of ads. But are there pricey apps

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Why This Fertility App's First Scientific Study Is a Big Deal

(6 days ago) A separate clinical study from 2018 for smartphone apps surveyed 73 fertility apps, and fewer than a third could predict a six-day window or smaller, and with accuracy falling between 11 …

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15 Things You Can Do in Android 11 That You Couldn’t Do Before

(6 days ago) Google wants to suggest apps for you in Android 11. This feature is based on the apps you’ve been using most often, and it’s similar to the row that …

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Android's 10 Most Exciting Apps

(8 days ago) Locale: Borne from an MIT class specifically for writing Android apps (and winner of a $275,000 first prize from the Android dev challenge), Locale lets …

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8 Apps That Actually Make the Most of an Android Tablet

(6 days ago) Flipboard (free) Flipboard was made for tablets and its Android app is a joy to use, with big images, intelligent layouts, and lots of customization options. As we mentioned in the description for

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The 4 Best Apps to Organize Your Phone's Photos

(7 days ago) It’s nice having a camera on-hand anywhere you take your phone, but organizing all of those pictures can turn into a chore. Luckily, there are a handful of apps

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Google Takes an Apple Approach to Android Apps, Will

(5 days ago) After some confusion—and after watching Apple take heat over its iOS App Store policies—Google is clarifying how and when it plans to take its cut of paid apps in the Google Play Store.

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