The Best Apps For Mac in 2020

What sets MPlayerX apart from other apps is its clean and simple interface. If media viewing is all that you want to do, this one’s a perfect app for you. It plays videos from online sites, auto-detects episodes in a series, and can be controlled using an Apple Remote. Best Remote Desktop Apps For Mac Chrome Remote Desktop

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7 Apps to Free Up Storage on Your iPhone

(9 days ago) Apps like these provide automatic scanning, efficient deletion features, and outside storage space. Now you can continue downloading new apps or capturing photos and videos that are important to you. Since she was a child, Kayla has had a fascination with …

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10 Apps Which Are Essential For Every iPhone

(Just Now) Out of all the social media apps available for the smartphone, the best one to have is Instagram.Not only are there less trolls, politics, and other crap on there, but Instagram was built for the smartphone. Why do you think you can’t upload pictures on the Instagram website?. The best thing you can ever do is not have Facebook or Twitter on your phone.

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The Best iOS Apps and Features of All Time

(8 days ago) With apps in split screen, video picture-in-picture and floating app windows. With this core set of features, iOS is ready to be a true laptop replacement and it marks a major change of direction for what started out as a glorified phone operating system. The Best iOS Apps of All Time.

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How to Add Apps to Apple TV

(9 days ago) How to Add Apps to Apple TV. In order to get some new apps on your Apple TV device, follow these steps. Select the App Store icon in the menu bar on your home screen. This is a blue icon with three white lines that make up an A symbol. If you can’t find it there, try searching your apps by selecting the Search icon, which looks like a

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5 Best Karaoke Apps for iPhone and iPad

(8 days ago) The Voice is one of the best karaoke apps for iPad with a good collection of songs that you can sing by yourself, with friends or duet with singers from all over the world. You can record your favorite songs with the app’s amazing visual and voice effects, share your videos with a large supportive community, and watch amazing covers from

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8 Recently Released iOS Apps Worth Checking Out

(3 days ago) What apps have stood out the most from the iOS app store in the last year? Surely, you have your phone filled with games and tools that helped you get through the year. You may even have dozens you deleted after seeing how buggy or ineffective they were. Either way, you’ve likely missed out on one (or several) apps worth checking out.

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iPhone Downloaded Apps Missing

(1 days ago) How to Download Apps to the Home Screen Again. If you prefer apps to show up within the Home screen on your iPhone as you download them, you must switch the settings in iOS using the steps that follow. 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 2. Scroll down and tap Home Screen. 3. Under Newly Downloaded Apps, tap Add to Home Screen.

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8 Best Free Office Suites for Mac That Aren’t Microsoft

(3 days ago) Originally a paid-for product, the three Apple iWork office apps have been freely available for Mac devices since 2013. Pages is a Word processor, with ready-made templates for common documents like letters available, as well as the ability to insert tables, charts, images, and other objects.

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8 Tips Before You Change Your Apple App Store Country

(2 days ago) Apps from multiple Apple IDs can live on the same device with no issue. Switching between different IDs isn’t a major hassle either. It’s as simple as entering a username and password. So create a new email address for your new Apple ID, download all the apps and content you want to have on your device while logged into the old account and

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Access Region Locked Games on iOS

(9 days ago) The process mentioned above works well for free games, but it can become quite difficult if you’re looking to purchase paid apps or make in-app purchases. Because you don’t actually live in the country of your new Apple ID, you’ll be unable to make any …

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The Best Apps For Your Apple Watch

(3 days ago) Physical Activity Tracker Apps. Strava is an app that tracks your workout sessions, including the length and the rate at which the exercises are performed. The app will allow you to save the data of each session and sync it with your account on other devices. This is particularly useful as the Apple Watch version has only the basics of that

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8 Best Apps For Artists On The iPad

(2 days ago) The apps below are some of the best on the App Store for all types of art. Table of Contents. Illustrators, vector artists, and graphic designers can all find iPad apps they can use. And with the Apple Pencil, creating art has never been easier or felt better.

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5 Ways To Force Quit Apps On Your Mac

(3 days ago) The chosen app or apps will be forcibly closed on your Mac. Force Quit Current App With A Keyboard Shortcut. The above method lets you force quit any of the running apps on your Mac. But if you would like to only force quit the app you are currently in, you can do so without opening the force quit dialog box on your Mac.

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5 Best Dictation Apps for iPhone

(1 days ago) The main limitation with using Dragon is that dictation is limited to within Dragon apps so you can’t dictate directly in a different app. However, you can copy text from Dragon’s dictation pad to third-party apps. 5. Temi Recorder and Transcriber. Temi dictates, records, and transcribes memos, lectures, or meeting notes in minutes.

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How To Lock Apps On Your Mac

(Just Now) Locking Apps On a Mac Using AppLocker. AppLocker (free with in-app purchases) is available on the official Mac App Store and it lets you add password protection to the apps installed on your Mac. In addition to passwords, it supports Touch ID and Bluetooth ID as well to let you unlock the locked apps on your machine.

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Apple Store Not Downloading Apps on Mac

(1 days ago) The Mac App Store has a great collection of apps and utilities that you can download at the click of a button. As easy as that sounds, there are times when certain complications will prevent the Apple Store from installing new apps or updating the old ones.

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iPhone App Stuck on Waiting, Loading, or Installing

(4 days ago) Fixed: Apps Downloaded and Installed Successfully. Quick fixes such as pausing and resuming downloads or rebooting your iPhone work almost all the time to fix apps stuck at “Waiting,” “Loading,” or “Installing.” If not, applying some of the advanced solutions (such as resetting the network settings) will definitely help.

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How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone

(2 days ago) If you find lots of apps missing from your iPhone, you may have hidden a few Home screen pages previously. While you can use Search, Siri, or the App Library to get to those apps, you can also unhide the pages that contain them. Start by long-pressing a vacant area of the Home screen to enter jiggle mode. Then, tap the strip of dots above the

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The 11 Best Mac Equivalents to Microsoft Paint

(5 days ago) The program shares similar abilities as Microsoft Paint so you can make simple images quickly. In addition, you can open and save to most image formats, paste images copied from common Mac apps including iWork, quickly crop a photo, add text or just enjoy doodling.. Paintbrush has an intuitive user interface with simple tools and colors you can use to create your images or doodles.

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Pre-Installed MacOS Software Which Is Actually Really Good

(7 days ago) iTunes wasn’t mentioned because, even though I love it, with the next operating system – Catalina – iTunes is being retired in favor of two separate new apps. To say I am extremely hacked off would be putting it mildly.

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How to Run Windows Apps on Mac Without Installing Windows

(9 days ago) Note: There are some Windows apps that won’t work using this solution. It’s impossible to run an app like PaintDotNet on a Mac without installing Windows under Boot Camp or a virtualization app. PaintDotNet is the kind of Windows app that relies heavily on system files and frameworks to function.

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How To Make a Bulk App Installer For a New Mac OS Install

(4 days ago) HomeBrew is a program which can be installed on your MacOS computer which downloads and installs apps for you, without the need to visit the app’s website first. All you need is the Terminal window, the Homebrew command, and the name of the app you want to download. Not all software apps are supported by HomeBrew.

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The Best iOS Scanner Apps To Scan Documents & Images

(6 days ago) FineScanner. This is an iOS-only scanner app that scans text in 193 languages using OCR. It can scan printed and handwritten text, and works with 12 file formats including PDF, DOCX and TXT, while preserving the original document formatting. Its easy-to-use annotation tools let you add notes to text and signatures, and with the BookScan feature

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How To Find & Upgrade 32-Bit Apps On Your Mac

(9 days ago) To upgrade your apps, launch the Mac App Store on your Mac. Click on the Updates option at the top to access the update panel. If an update is available for your apps, you’ll find an Update button next to them. Click on the button and the apps will be upgraded to their newer versions. Get The Latest Version From The Official Website

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8 Best Board Game Apps for iPhone or iPad

(7 days ago) If you have your iPhone or iPad, there are lots of board game apps on the App store made specifically to emulate your favorite board games. No matter what game you want to play, there’s likely an app version of it available. If you don’t know which ones are the best on the App store, here is a list of some you should try.

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6 Best iOS Reminder Apps

(Just Now) Best iOS Reminder Apps. If you’re looking for the best iOS reminder app to keep you on track all day, we’ve got you covered with these great choices. 1. Things 3. Things 3 is an award-winning app that’s a great option for reminders. While the app is a complete task management system, it’s still simple and easy to use for organizing your

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone or iPad

(6 days ago) Open the iPhone Settings app. Scroll down to the list of apps on your phone and tap the one you want to hide from search. Tap on Siri & Search . Underneath the On Home Screens section, tap on the sliders of any options you don’t want for the app. For example, if you don’t want the app to show up in searches, turn the slider for Show App in

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5 Apps Which Will Take Your New Mac To The Next Level

(9 days ago) Much of the preinstalled default apps on a MacOS computer is actually really good. But like any new computer, there is always new stuff you can add to make your user experience just that little bit better. During the seven years I have used a Mac computer, there are some apps which were a case of “love at first install”.

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How to Make Folders and Organize Apps on iPhone

(6 days ago) Sort Apps By Type. Folders allow you to sort apps by type. For example, if you have multiple instant messaging apps, you can add them to a single folder. You can then select the folder and pick the app you want without rummaging through the entire iPhone. That also helps you cut down Home screen clutter by a lot.

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6 Best Apps to Show iPhone Battery Percentage

(4 days ago) Besides using apps on your iPhone to analyze your battery data, you can also use the Settings app to look at some information. To check your iPhone’s battery health, go to Settings and then Battery. Tap on Battery Health to look at the battery capacity, or how much of a charge the battery can hold compared to when you first bought your phone.

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How To Update Mac OS X & Mac Apps From Terminal

(1 days ago) The command also lets you update Apple apps such as iTunes on your Mac. What it doesn’t do though is to install updates for the third-party apps installed on your machine. For those apps, you’re going to need to install a package that is described in the later part of this guide. Find Available macOS System Updates

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9 Best iPad Music Apps

(9 days ago) Apps where you can play with samples and create your own beats are great tools for generating ideas for new musical pieces. iMaschine 2 is perfect for this, allowing you to make basic tracks by placing notes where you want them using the in-app keys.

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The 5 Best Alternative iOS Voice Recording Apps

(3 days ago) You can run other apps on your phone while you’re recording, making it ideal for long recording sessions like class lectures. You can also add extra features for a fee, including audio trimming and converting high-quality files to M4A. Just Press Record ($4.99) You don’t always have advance warning when you need to record something.

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18 Best Offline Gaming Apps For iPhone & iPad

(2 days ago) This list of the 18 best offline gaming apps for iPhone and iPad is sure to take your interest. Quite frankly, the games in this list are amongst some of the best mobile games of all time. It’s just an added bonus that all of these games can also be played offline.

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Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone

(Just Now) If you can’t jiggle the apps but instead display an app’s contextual menu, try pressing the icons lightly. If that doesn’t help, go to Settings > Accessibility > 3D Touch and switch 3D Touch Sensitivity to Medium or Firm. That should tone down the screen’s sensitivity to 3D Touch and allow you to jiggle apps again. 6. Delete via Settings

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The 6 Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

(1 days ago) With apps like these, you can get access to new effects, photo filters, stickers, and more features you can use to change up your selfies however you wish. There are lots of apps out there dedicated to selfie-taking, and many of them might not work as well as they seem.

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10 Best Clock Widgets for the iPhone Home Screen

(7 days ago) If you have iOS 14 or later installed on your iPhone, adding a clock widget to the Home screen is the best way to jazz it up.But the few that come with the stock Clock app don’t look all that great. If you want to make a bigger splash on the iPhone’s Home screen, you must look elsewhere.

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7 Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

(6 days ago) Some similar apps charge higher rates and limit your recording time. 3. Call Recorder Pro. Call Recorder Pro is an easy and reliable call recording app for iPhone that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. To get started, you must put your call on hold, dial in the recorder via the app, and merge the calls into a three-way call.

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How to Open Files from Unidentified Developers on Mac

(1 days ago) Open With Caution. While some unidentified apps are safe and free of malicious code, others could house viruses and malware. Use your Mac antivirus app or online antivirus scanners to confirm the safety of files from unidentified sources before opening them. Reading reviews from other Mac users on the internet—forums, social media, etc.—is another good way to verify the safety of an …

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How to Set Up and Use the Apple Magic Keyboard on Windows

(9 days ago) Dilum Senevirathne is a freelance tech writer and blogger with three years of experience writing for online technology publications. He specializes in topics related to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Google web apps. When he isn't hammering away at his Magic Keyboard, you can catch him binge-watching productivity hacks on YouTube. Read Dilum's Full Bio

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Apple CarPlay Not Working

(5 days ago) 6. Disable USB Restricted Mode. 7. Reset All Settings. Get CarPlay Working Properly Again. However, there are times when CarPlay won’t connect or you just can’t hear anything even if it’s connected. Other times CarPlay apps won’t open properly so you’re limited to what you can do.

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17 Mac Trackpad Gestures and How To Customize Them

(6 days ago) Some apps like Finder can have multiple windows open at the same time. To view them all on a single screen, you can scroll down with three fingers to trigger App Expose. It lets you view all the open windows of an app side by side on your screen. You can customize it …

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How To Close And Uninstall Apps on iPad

(6 days ago) Tap this, and all your apps will start shaking and an X icon will appear on the ones you can delete. Sometimes, an app will also just have a Delete App option. Tap this icon, and when the confirmation box appears, click Delete. The app will be removed entirely from your iPad. Another way you can delete apps is by using the Offload feature.

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What Is “Sign In With Apple”, How To Use It, and How Safe

(8 days ago) As far as user privacy goes, Apple promises the following on their official sign-in support page: “Sign in with Apple won’t track or profile you as you use your favorite apps and websites, and Apple retains only the information that’s needed to make sure you can sign in and manage your account.”. Overall, Apple has raised the bar with its new sign-in service.

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How to Fix an iPad that Keeps Restarting

(7 days ago) Update Apps. Suppose you keep experiencing the issue while using a specific app on your iPad. In that case, you must immediately apply any pending updates since developers are usually quick to fix any device-breaking bugs. Head over to the App Store, search for the app, and tap Update if you see the option available.

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Apple Watch Battery Drain Issues: 10 Best Fixes

(Just Now) Despite the benefits, battery drainage is an issue when many apps refresh their content in the background. Go through your Apple Watch’s settings and disable Background App Refresh for unneeded apps. Open the Settings app, select General, select Background App Refresh and toggle off background refresh for unimportant apps.

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How to Bulk Delete Photos from iPhone

(9 days ago) You can also bulk delete photos from any iPhone albums you or other apps may have created on your Photos app. You should also find the camera roll (labeled Recents) among them. 1. Open the Photos app and switch to the Albums tab. Then, select an album from the My Albums sections. 2. Tap the Select button and pick the photos you want to delete

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